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  • Build the Libertarian Party’s presence on Long Island
  • Represent our region at the state level to ensure that libertarian principles are upheld
  • Establish a strong infrastructure that utilizes the strengths of our local volunteers
  • Expand our outreach to bring the libertarian message to more New Yorkers
  • Run and elect Libertarians to state and local government
  • Advance libertarian principles and legislation
  • Utilize technology to expand our reach and engage younger voters



A Long Island perspective on some policy issues that may bear upon state and local elections



New York State, Nassau and Suffolk Counties have extremely high tax rates (state income tax, retail sales tax and property tax) which support massive, bloated government bureaucracies. If you look at a pie chart of how these governments spend those prodigious sums, the various “transfer payments,” in the aggregate, make up the largest slice of the pie. Libertarians believe that you have the right to keep and enjoy the fruits of your labors, because those fruits would not exist had it not been for you and your efforts. Liberalism, or socialism, creates poverty by penalizing productivity and rewarding idleness. It has contributed to the creation of a permanent underclass. We oppose transfer payments and support your right to keep what you have earned. 


The right to keep and bear arms

The NYS “Safe Act” was passed under false pretenses when then-governor Andrew Cuomo declared an “emergency” (big government loves that word). The police cannot protect you from imminent threats and that is not their job. Every individual has the right and, in fact, the duty to defend his or her own life and the lives of her family and neighbors. We support the outright, immediate, unconditional repeal of the NYS Safe Act. 


The coronavirus lockdown

The response has been an example of government overreach. Economic hardship can be more deadly than a virus, especially to the working poor. The China-style lockdown has caused more damage than the virus ever could. There is no scientific evidence that the lockdown has had any more than a minor effect on public health, and even those most vulnerable to the virus would have been better off taking recommended precautions without also having to face the economic hardship of a damaged economy. Libertarians believe that the least intrusive solution is the best one. The model employed in some of the Scandinavian countries consisted of social distancing and face masks only, with quarantine reserved for members of high-risk groups only. The D’s and R’s use every crisis as an opportunity to advance their agenda of “empire building.” 



While everyone, even the vast majority of police, condemn sadistic acts of cruelty and murder at the hands of police, Libertarians recognize that everyone must be able to call on someone to aid in their defense when their rights are violated. The police have been grossly misused for decades, to advance social agendas, enforce unjust laws and generate revenue. This breeds widespread contempt for the police, who have been placed in the difficult position of being required to run roughshod over peaceful citizens. Libertarians call for the end of police misuse, and demand that police be called upon only when life or property is at stake. When people begin to trust that the police will never bother them if they are acting peacefully, and are there for no reason other than to protect them from becoming a victim, they will be universally respected. 


Government corruption

Libertarians believe that corruption in government exists because of the enormous power of government officials to affect the economic well-being of wealthy business owners. So long as the government has the power to help one wealthy business owner to reap vast sums of money or stifle his competitors, human beings in government will be faced with enormous temptation to support policy that benefits such “grateful” business owners over the public. Libertarians call for the role of government to be limited to defending the rights of citizens. Once the politicians have no more influence to peddle, they will not be tempted into corruption and the bad ones will no longer be clamoring for the job. 


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